The Fraud △etective Collection ©

Learn to detect and eradicate the cost of fraud and corruption!

Fraud and corruption have been around for centuries. Potential fraudsters include aggressive suppliers and customers, middlemen, opportunists and hackers, fixers of the figures, handlers of dirty money and also some people inside the organisation with an “over-developed sense of entitlement”. Combined with today’s pressure to reduce costs and travel restrictions, fraudsters and other criminals are also getting desperate, and so more so than ever, organisations around the world must be alert to the harmful effects of corruption and fraud. And we need to find it early and stamp it out! 

Some good news: When all employees and management become aware of how external fraudsters could take advantage of their organisation, learn how to spot the early warning signs of fraud and deal with them quickly and effectively, this renewed awareness becomes a defensive shield and increases the organisation’s resistance to malpractice.

The fresh interactive Fraud △etective Collection© (brought to you by B4 Investigate and the Fraud Academy) provides knowledge and tools to contribute to protecting value, reputation and culture of their organisation in these challenging times. FD 101 is the foundation course that can be taken by anyone in any industry, and subsequent courses (FD102-106) provide additional fraud skills to financial controllers, accountants, and specialists such as compliance and auditors. FD107 is a special course which invites management into a positive dialogue about fraud, focussing on essential costs and cutting out waste.


The Fraud Detective Collection

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