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Setting up your own business? worried about accounting?

This is topic that I have been asked about so many times, I have lost count! This is why I developed this interesting and delightful courses for you. When you are setting up a new business, I suspect you will be time poor and lacking funds.

Here is the dilemma, if you pay for advice it will cost significantly more than these courses, many, many more times! Worse still if you make mistakes the tax and regulatory authorities can be quite harsh, punitive and unforgiving.

You can buy software packages, I have and use them, however in my experience is they don’t train you on what you need to know for running your business. Good packages will teach you about their software but not the key points for running the accounting and finance requirements you need to know.

These courses are not time consuming and you can learn in flexible bite size chunks these courses deploy a high variety of beautiful and interesting exercises that have been innovatively created and designed from scratch.

We deploy leading practice and methods of passing our skills on to you. We deliver this to you by blended learning, micro learning, interesting and variety of formats, animations you will love to be surprised and engaged with, quizzes, questions and assessments, takeaways, case studies and much more.

These courses have been designed for time poor learners who need to learn things quickly, at low cost, and efficiently.

We would recommend you consider the full six courses rather than take them individually, they will be more cost effective for you. The courses builds up the concepts one at a time in a logical and expertly designed way to build your knowledge on the subject.

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